Dear Potential Sponsor

flatMap(Oslo) is an annual conference in Oslo, Norway. From the beginning in 2011 we have focused on functional programming in general and Scala in particular.

Last year’s conference was yet another great success with about 100 energized attendants, listening to 26 amazing speakers from all over the world. We are very grateful to the 9 sponsors that enabled us to host such a conference.

The next conference will be on May 8th and 9th 2019.

We hope you will join us in promoting functional programming and Scala. Your sponsorship enables us to make the best possible conference, so attendees will keep coming back year after year. We are also proud of all the video content that is available online.

flatMap(Oslo) is organized by a group of developers from Arktekk AS, a small independent consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. As well as organizing the conference, Arktekk is also the main sponsor.

We are gathering 140 enthusiasts for 2 intense days at the Old Museum (Gamle Museet) in Oslo. There will be both presentations and workshops. In order to create the best possible conference, we want to be able to pay for travel and accommodation for some of the speakers, food for attendees, and other things that makes this conference great. We hope you find this interesting.

We would like to offer the following sponsorship package.

  • Promotion via flatMap(Oslo)’s twitter account (@flatmaposlo)
  • Promotion via linkedin (
  • Logo on our website (
  • Logo on all printed material and pause slides during the conference
  • Optionally have a 30 second video (without audio) that is regularly presented at the conference
  • Optionally a promo page at
  • 1 free ticket to attend the conference
  • The right to use flatMap(Oslo) in marketing
  • Sponsor promo code for reduced ticket price

We offer you this for NOK 25 000 (VAT not included).

The economic goal for flatMap(Oslo) is to break even. We will put all funds into making a better conference.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us an email -

Yours sincerely,

Stein Kåre Skytteren
flatMap(Oslo) 2019