When Everything Fits: The Beauty of Composition


You may have heard that “composition” is one of the strengths of FP. But what exactly does that mean and how is that useful?

This talk will demonstrate how composition in FP can be used to build a larger program/algorithm from small composable parts that “just fit”. We will have a look at a longer case study and slowly build up our program like a lego model with small composable parts.

After this talk you will have seen why composition really is the key concept in FP and how you can use it to make your life easier. Also, you will gain an appreciation for the beauty of FP and may get the impression that Monads are overrated ;)

Markus Hauck

Markus Hauck


Markus Hauck is an IT Consultant/Scala Hacker/Scala Trainer at codecentric AG in Germany. He loves functional programming and languages with powerful type systems. His favorite member of One Direction is Liam, because… well that is the member at index 1, which was randomly chosen using a RNG.