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Presentation has more than 110 developers today, and most of these write code in a OO language like Java, Kotlin or Node. How did we bring Haskell into this mix, and how did people react to it?

Most programming we have been exposed to are object-manipulation and imperative statements. Learning Haskell is a hard thing, but leaving it behind once seen is next to impossible. The reasoning it comes bundled with changes your mind.

The AdView team at FINN currently runs two business critical Haskell applications, and plan to write more. This talk will touch on technical details, but focus on the experience of introducing Haskell to colleagues and running it in production. The goal is to shed some light on the joy of writing Haskell at work!

Sjur Millidahl

Sjur Millidahl


I am a Haskell developer with a Java background.

Programming used to be OK - now it is a joy.

Purely Functional Programming has changed my view on software. I now believe it is possible to write code that is not legacy from the get-go and that can be changed with confidence later.