Building CLI utilities with Scala Native


After being out of favor for a while, natively compiled applications are making a comeback. Scala Native offers a concise way of writing low-level system code using the Scala type system. It compiles regular Scala code to machine code, reducing application startup to mere milliseconds. In our workshop, we’ll make the journey from hello world, to low-level system programming with native primitives, and ahead of time compiled regular Scala; all in the Scala environment you’re familiar with.

Pre requirements

In order to get up to speed quickly, please install LLVM prior to the workshop


brew install llvm


It comes with, no need to install

Paweł Cejrowski

Paweł Cejrowski


Paweł Cejrowski has almost 5 years experience as a software engineer and a vast majority of that time he has spent with Scala. He’s keen on operationalization of data processing at scale and works with Scala for providing data science tooling for Tapad. After hours, he occasionally contributes to OSS (including Scala Native backend to Softwaremill’s Sttp) and tries to release his first mobile app.

Jostein Gogstad

Jostein Gogstad

Jostein Gogstad has 10 years experience on the JVM and two years working professionally with Scala. He’s passionate about functional programming in general and works with Scala for providing smooth infrastructure and deployment pipelines for Tapad.