Property-Based Testing The Ugly Parts: Case Studies from Komposition


Property-based testing has been praised and explored in both functional and object-oriented programming communities. Despite the papers and talks that tell inspiring stories of curious bugs being found by random tests, it can be hard to see how it applies to your day-to-day work. How do you go beyond testing small pure functions?

This talk will describe techniques that you can use to test the “ugly” parts of your system, and dig deeper into a few case studies from Komposition, a screencast video editor written in Haskell.

Oskar Wickström

Oskar Wickström


After some years of musical education, Oskar Wickström began his journey into the world of software. He’s currently doing remote work in Haskell, and in his spare time, he creates screencasts at Among the technical topics that interest Oskar are functional programming, systems design, web technology, and programming languages.